Danny Day

Danny Day


It is often said that involvement in sports is good preparation for life: Supplying the participants with discipline, skills and self confidence.

An example of this theory is California artist Danny Day. Danny, originally from Marion, Ohio was a high school athlete who excelled at a variety of sports. He was a standout on the football gridiron and won the state pole vaulting championship. The lesson learned from his participation in sports helped him excel in other aspects of life, including graduating as valedictorian of his high school class and magma cum laude from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Most importantly, his sports background laid the foundation for his future art career.

After relocating to San Diego, Danny used his experience in sports as an endless source of inspiration. He has created many images depicting the great sports stars and scenes from all realms of the sporting world. In fact, many athletes have participated in these projects by either commissioning the pieces themselves or signing the lithographs. Not only have these athletes supported Danny`s artwork, but they also appreciate the high quality he strives to achieve, as exemplified by Mickey Mantle`s comment, “This is one of the best paintings I`ve seen done of me.” Danny`s paint brush is not limited to portraiture. He is also known for lush, highly realistic views of some of the world`s great golf courses.

A full size painting can take four to six weeks to complete, thus making his originals very scarce. He uses traditional “master`s technique of oil painting to create detail oriented works which require a tremendous amount of research and accuracy. Danny has created a style that is unique in the manner which it embodies and surpasses the true spirit of “realism”.

The Art of Danny Day

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